It’s a peculiar English word, which doesn’t have exact translations in many other languages. But, we know what it is when we see it. It’s something that makes life enjoyable and worthwhile and, I think, can be a motivator for how people behave.

Archaeology of Fun is an attempt to bring to light some of the fun that exists in the archaeological record, that sometimes falls by the wayside in favor of more practical aspects of life. Games, drinking, eating, humor, playing, art, sex, drugs,and music, it’s all there in the archaeological record.

Archaeology of Fun also finds the influence of archaeology in our present-day fun. Archaeology is itself fun for many people, and it finds its way into our various forms of entertainment, from the performing arts to art and architecture, gastronomy to fashion. The past is ever-present in our lives, though sometimes overlooked, and in this blog  I hope to bring to light some of the many ways in which the present is entangled with the past.